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Shine strong, for life.

We believe fitness isn’t so much about what you can do in the gym; it’s what it allows you do beyond the gym! Our atmosphere is casual and welcoming, with laughter and high-fives encouraged.

We’d love you to be part of our community of awesomeness. Beginners welcome!

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  • "I am so glad I found Shine Strong Fitness. I was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year and I needed to get back on track with my health and decided to take a huge step to put myself first. I am so glad I did. The classes are fun and challenging for all age groups and fitness levels." ~Angie
  • "Jamie has fostered a welcoming and supportive atmosphere where I can receive tips on proper form as well as permission to laugh, dance and speak openly. It is a place where I feel challenged to push myself and to cheer on other members to meet their goals." ~Ellen
  • "I was able to dance the entire Phish concert with my son! I am positive the Strongevity classes have given me the stamina and strength to walk (and dance) far beyond my expectations!" ~Suzy
  • "Working with Jamie has brought a significant improvement in my fitness and mental attitude. Having better strength and mobility has given me greater confidence that I can do more in all facets of my life." ~Kerri
  • "Since working out with Jamie, my balance has improved. I was scared to carry my grandson Zac up and down the stairs. I can do it now without reservation!" ~Anne
  • "I'm stronger, my stamina is much better, and I'm even more flexible. My clothes fit better and best of all, my sister came to visit and said my body shape had shifted completely! That's a big deal to me." ~Tommye
  • Jamie has been an amazing addition to my self-care commitment... Her attitude toward life and fitness are contagious. ~Shelly
  • "Since I started working with Jamie, my balance has improved greatly and I can squat without pain. She actually makes me look forward to my exercise sessions." ~Ed


This summer we launched a brand new women’s-only lifting group, focusing on the Big 3 barbell lifts (squat, bench press, and deadlift), with emphasis on proper technique so you can lift heavy, safely. Workouts also include plenty of functional fitness, utilizing kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, and more.

powerlifting class for women

Currently full; please email for more info or to be added to the waitlist for when a new group opens.


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