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Shine strong, for life.

We believe fitness isn’t so much about what you can do in the gym; it’s what it allows you do beyond the gym! Our atmosphere is casual and welcoming, with laughter and high-fives encouraged.

We’d love to have you become part of our community of awesomeness. Beginners welcome!

Personal Fitness Training Studio



9:30 AM


Beginning July:
Tuesday/Thursday at 8am

Workshops and events vary.
Private training by appointment only.

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  • 5
    Working with Jamie has brought a significant improvement in my fitness and mental attitude. Having better strength and mobility has given me greater confidence that I can do more in all facets of my life.
  • 5
    Jamie is the right amount of flexibility and accountability. The workouts are tailored to me and my level. She's upbeat & encouraging... I can see a difference in my body and my strength.
  • 5
    Since working out with Jamie, my balance has improved. I was scared to carry my grandson Zac up and down the stairs. I can do it now without reservation!
  • 5
    I'm stronger, my stamina is much better, and I'm even more flexible. My clothes fit better and best of all, my sister came to visit and said my body shape had shifted completely! That's a big deal to me.
  • 5
    Working out with Jamie, I have gained muscle and slimmed down. . . I love how Jamie structures my workouts to strengthen my weak areas and helps me progress in my goals.
  • 5
    Jamie has been an amazing addition to my self-care commitment. From the beginning, she was dedicated to finding out as much as she could about my body, my limitations and my goals. Her attitude toward life and fitness are contagious.
  • 5
    Jamie is the best, in the time I trained with her she taught me exercises for the whole body and the proper form for each one. I also learned to push myself further than I thought I could.
  • 5
    Since I started working with Jamie, my balance has improved greatly and I can squat without pain. She actually makes me look forward to my exercise sessions.